Emmanuel Chagara - CEO Milima Cyber Academy
Emmanuel Chagara
Cyber-security & Digital Forensics

Emmanuel is Founder and CEO of Milima Security and Milima Cyber Academy.
He is a passionate cyber-security trainer and researcher with a cumulative
10 years experience in software development, telecommunications, ICT
infrastructure deployment, telecommunications, cyber-security and digital forensics.

Jerome Okot - COO Milima Cyber Academy
Jerome Okot
Chief Operations Officer

Jerome is passionate about technology with a bias on the internet of things and a strong interest in Cybersecurity. With his dynamic persona, he is multi-tasking, hard-working, and always on the quest for more knowledge. He is the Chief Operations Officer at Milima Security, and also a tutor at Milima Cyber Academy.

Using this leverage, he has advocated for the incorporation of Cybersecurity in business strategies across all technology spaces through training and policy advocacy in business spectra, not only in Uganda but also, across East Africa


Plot M445, Ntinda Road, Ntinda. Kampala, Uganda


Email: care@mca.ac.ug
Phone: +256 778 290 491

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