Web Applications Security - Join Our April Next Cohort

Web Applications Security - Join Our April Next Cohort

Web Applications Security

Course Description
This course offers extensive knowledge for every web developer and web application engineer.
A participant will discover important principles of modern web security, and learn about current security best practices.
The course also explores the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top 10 2017 which is essential to organizations and IT pros for better managing the emerging impact of application security risks.

Entry Level Requirements
A student undertaking this course should have a basic understanding of computing, web, internet, and networking.
A student should also have a basic understanding of cybersecurity.
A certificate in Fundamentals of Cybersecurity (Milima Cyber Academy) or an equivalent from a cybersecurity training academy is highly recommended.
Understanding of basic web technologies (HTTP, HTML, JS, …)

Course Outline
The Web Security Landscape
The Security Model of the Web
Securing The Communication Channel
Preventing Unauthorised Access
Securely Handling Untrusted Data
OWASP 10 2017

Learning Outcomes and Objectives
Upon completion of this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge of web security. Concretely, you will get the following out of this course:
● Underlying security principles of the web
● Overview of concrete threats against web applications
● Insights into common attacks and countermeasures
● Current best practices for secure web applications
● Capacity to perform a security assessment, penetration and defence of web systems.

Mode of Delivery
The course will be instructor-led blended with videos, daily case studies and text materials.
8 weekly contact hours.
The course fee is UGX. 900,000. We are offering 10% Discount to all female students joining us in 2022.


Payment Plan
This is payable progressively with an advance of 60% due before course commencement. The course needs to be fully paid in order for participants to be provided with the necessary study materials and eligible for the final exam.

Acquisition of readily applicable skills
Improved Competitivity 
Building a peer network
Mentorship and Career counselling
Employability as a Cyber Security professional

Mode of Assessment
Students will be assessed based on the following
● At least 75% attendance is required of every student
● Practical/Hands-on experience demonstrated during instruction hours
● Continuous assessments through tests and assignments delivered by the Instructor
● One hour final exam (30%)

Requirement For Pass
Any student who scores at least 75% across accumulated assignments of 70% and Final Exam of 30% will have passed.


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