Cyber Defense Training

Duration :

5 days

Hours :

40 hours

Level :


In this unique training, typical IT attacks are simulated in realistic virtual corporate networks. The aim is to enable each participant to understand and defend against a wide variety of modern IT attacks. This includes:

Understand, recognize and defend against IT attacks under guidance.
Learn attacker logic in the overall context of a corporate network.
Correctly assess the limits of security products.
Prioritize hardening measures in the company network correctly.

Award: Certificate of Completion

Course Outline

  1. The Web Security Landscape
  2. The Security Model of the Web
  3. Securing The Communication Channel
  4. Preventing Unauthorised Access
  5. Securely Handling Untrusted Data
  6. OWASP 10 2017
  7. Conclusion

Entry Level Requirements

  • A student undertaking this course should have a basic understanding of computing, the web, the internet, and networking.
  • A student should also have a basic understanding of cybersecurity.
  • A certificate in Fundamentals of Cybersecurity (Milima Cyber Academy) or an equivalent from a cybersecurity training academy is highly recommended.
  • Understanding of basic web technologies (HTTP, HTML, JS, …)

This is a prepaid program for organisations strictly. This program requires  100% payment before commencement.


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